The making of the most visible bank brand in Uganda


WMC Africa Ltd won a competitive pitch to provide PR and Corporate communications services for SBU in March 2016. The contract was renewed for a further year in March 2017.

The PR and Public Affairs challenges SBU faced when WMC was engaged:

  • Despite being the biggest bank in the country the bank received very poor media coverage in the local and regional media
  • The bank lacked a PR function and corporate communications principal
  • The bank had a negative image within the media as being very expensive and lacking in compassion. In addition a number of negative articles had been published which suggested that Stanbic staff were involved in fraud within the bank

Our role and scope of work

To manage the PR and corporate communication function as the bank sourced a substantive resource. Improve the banks relationship with key journalists and position Stanbic as Uganda’s leading bank by generating more positive media coverage within A&B media houses. This involved:

  • Selection and engagement of a core media group to push the Stanbic agenda
  • Organisation of financial training sessions for Journalists to improve the quality of media coverage and its relationships
  • Internal PR training of media facing staff within the bank
  • Arranging regular engagements with key editors & FAM trips to corporate HQ to showcase the size of the bank
  • Q&A interviews with senior staff especially the Chief Executive who was positioned as the face of the bank
  • Project management, Stakeholder relations and media support of key business forums


Stanbic has been recognised by IPSOS research as the most visible bank brand in the country over the past two years. The media have grown to respect Stanbic and attend all their events giving them very positive coverage. There is now very limited negative media coverage of the bank


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