Soroti Solar Power – 2016


The Soroti solar power plant is Uganda’s first grid-connected solar plant and the largest in East Africa.

It provides 40,000 homes, schools and businesses in the area with low-carbon and sustainable power.

Developed under the GET FiT program launched by the European Union and Africa Infrastructure Trust Fund, the solar photvoltaic power plant was partly financed by FMO and Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund (EAIF). The Minister of State for Energy Simon D’Ujanga Simon, Minister of State for Energy, together with representatives of Access Power EREN RE and donors have inaugurated a US$19 million solar power plant in Soroti.

Comprising 32,680 photovoltaic panels, the new 10 megawatt facility is the country’s first grid-connected solar plant and will generate clean, low-carbon, sustainable electricity to 40,000 homes, schools and businesses in the area. The project was developed under the Global Energy Transfer Feed in Tariff (‘GET FiT’) , a dedicated support scheme for renewable energy projects managed by Germany’s KfW Development Bank in partnership with Uganda’s Electricity Regulatory Agency (ERA) and funded by the governments of Norway, Germany, the United Kingdom and the European Union.

The GET FiT programme helps renewable energy sources become more affordable and therefore more accessible in Eastern Africa. The plant is in part funded by the European Union – Africa Infrastructure Trust Fund through the GET FiT Solar Facility equivalent to 8.7 million euros in the form of result-based premium payments per kWh of delivered electricity.

According to a release by the Africa Press Organization (APO), the project is financed by a mix of debt and equity with the senior debt facility being provided by FMO, the Netherlands Development Bank, and the Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund (EAIF).

The project, whose tender was launched in March 2014 and the procurement process managed by Germany’s KfW Development Bank,  is owned by Access Uganda Solar Ltd, a partnership between Access Power and EREN Renewable Energy. The tender was awarded to Access Uganda Solar Ltd in November 2014.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by ambassadors from the EU, Germany and the Netherlands, as well as key stakeholders from Access Power and EREN RE; TSK, the contractor who built the plant; FMO and Private Infrastructure Development Group (PIDG) company; The Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund (EAIF) as financiers, and other key officials.


Soroti Solar Power Plant


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