WMC Africa is a Kampala based strategic corporate communications agency and the leading independent public relations and public affairs company in Uganda.

The company was started in 1999 at a time when many prominent multinational companies were establishing their presence in Uganda and had a need for high quality professional communications services.

We develop, manage and monitor engaging client communications strategies that tell our clients stories in ways that are relevant to Ugandan audiences and influencers.

In the almost 20 years the company has been in existence, WMC Africa has worked with and supported many of the leading multinational companies operating in Uganda and across Africa including MTN, Stanbic Bank, MultiChoice Africa, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, British Airways, Heritage Oil & Gas, Samsung and Google among many others.

Strategic Partners



Located on a 33 acre plot of land in Soroti District, the power plant has the potential to increase its net output capacity by a further 20MW of solar energy.

Soroti Solar Power Plant

The Event - Samsung SAC Seychelles Conference – April 2014

Samsung Electronics East Africa

Heritage Oil & Gas

Kalangala Infrastructure Services



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